New Skin (new garments)

 Now here we are, as the darkest time of the annual earth cycle comes round, we can see a lighter time of being human ahead.

We have all in our own ways it seems, had time to take a different look at our life and where changes needed to, or could happen. Things taken for granted perhaps lost or threatened and a renewed awareness of the daily basics seemed a core discovery for many of us.

 Personally I am aware of points I have felt almost out of body- watching myself live through times of panic, high anxiety, deep sadness and also heaps of gratitude that often boiled up from unexpected wells. 

I find myself now doing a lot of reflecting on what comes next.

A skin has been shed I think, and I want to be very conscious of the  shape and texture of the new layer of protection I grow into.

Can you relate to this?

What are you planning on taking forward from lessons learned this year?

How are you building the support structures you need to go forward in a good way?

There are lifestyle tweaks I want to make- how I relate and use technology and social media, where I can do my admin work smarter, do less of the administrative work that feels like swatting away little nats in the air.  Stronger actions that are further reaching and leave more space for contemplation and making.

There is big learning I  need to continue.

Deeper work in understanding this place I live, my inherited history of privilege and bias. Decolonizing my brain, and being a good ally to the people whose stolen land I live on.

Respecting my own history and ancestors by deeply plunging into sustenance making for myself as they did.

Celebrating the acts of daily living.

This year, two garments have grown from the land and my hands here where I stand on unceded Coast Salish territory.

The Nettle Clothing Project was documented beautifully this summer by Martin Borden.

And a felted wool vest; wool from shepherd Susan Russell and skills shared by artist Amy Walker. Martin Borden again made a wonderful short documentary of the process.

Moving Forward:

I  see this time as an opportunity for both a personal and societal Ctrl/Alt/Delete…the system was fried out and short circuiting a bit, and that RESET moment is upon us.

Since being thrown into the deep end of changing how the EartHand community gathered and shared  traditional hand technologies through the internet, I am amazed at what is possible.

If you are curious about what has been my own ‘mix-tape’ of podcasts, I have compiled a list of various inspiring and thought-provoking listening from my 2020 pandemic home time. Listening that kept my brain engaged and stretching while my hands worked away on their various tasks. Follow EartHand by getting our newsletter to stay in touch with what we are doing and join me in this ongoing journey of grounding ourselves where we stand through our hand work and actions of stewardship.

More online learning guilds, more weaving, more good culture work.

More time on the land together.

2 responses to “New Skin (new garments)

  1. Such beautiful documentation! Thank you Martin & a big thanks to Sharon for demonstrating her skill set& philosophical approach to everyday life. An inspiration.
    Cyndy Chwelos

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